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Stay Home, Use Toilet Paper

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I didn't go to work today. I woke up at 6 am and couldn't fall back to sleep so I started organizing my pantry. Then I organized my freezer. I baked some cookie dough to make more room in my freezer and got rid of the long lost freezer burned chicken in the back. I took stock of what I had available. I moved on to the fridge...the Brussels sprouts and fresh green beans looked like they should be used today so I washed and chopped them and got them roasting in the oven with some garlic, onion, and olive oil by 9 am... A much more productive morning than any other i can remember in recent history. I swept the floors and cleaned the counters and threw in a load of laundry...I am officially in full blown nesting mode. I am usually the type to whip up a latte in my Keurig and plop in front of the TV for several hours on a lazy day. Who is this person?

My Peapod order came around 3 pm. My Peapod order did not contain toilet paper or water or clementines. All of these items are out of stock indefinitely. A friend of mine couldn't find bread crumbs today...and there are no tampons or maxi pads on the shelves. Why are people hoarding things like this? The news is reporting that the public sewer drains are getting excessively clogged with flushable wipes and paper towels which do not break down like toilet paper. We are 7 days into the national state of emergency declaration and people are already excessively flushing premium paper products. And the news is reporting it and pleading with people not to flush the wipes or paper towels. The message I am hearing is "Stay Home, Use Toilet Paper".

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