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It's April 8th...Slow down and Just Be

It's April 8th and I haven't written in weeks. I have been stuck in a holding pattern. I have been binge watching Tiger King and The Wire and Outlander and Schitt's Creek. I have been finding new projects around the house and the contents of my closet is in my living room waiting to be sorted and purged. I ordered a new chair for my living room. I ordered some new art for the walls. My freezer and fridge are organized and neat. I can think of more to do, but I'm tired from trying to keep myself occupied. I am only working three days a week so I have more free time than I have ever had in all of my life. I am trying to embrace it, because I am hopeful that it will be fleeting, as much as i will miss it when it's gone. I miss meeting my friends for lunch. I miss going to my parents house for dinner. I even miss being a taxi driver for my daughter and getting her where she needs to be almost every night of the week.

This is such an uncertain and chaotic time in our world. We are all trying to live a new normal that is not normal at all. We were asked overnight to say goodbye to our people and keep to ourselves to stop the spread of Covid-19. Some of us take it seriously, while others continue to congregate and it's frustrating to understand. But all I can do is make sure that me and my family are doing all we can to protect ourselves, and here's what that means for us: A chaotic schedule has become instantly non existent. Hello Free time! You have forced me to slow down and evaluate what really matters most in my life! I am cooking more home cooked meals and watching shows I've always been meaning to watch. I'm watching You Tube videos about gardening, something I have never thought I could take the time to master and attempt (stay tuned on that front). I had a Nerf gun battle with my 15 year old. I sat in the living room with my husband and my daughter and sang through the entire Hamilton soundtrack for hours without worrying about needing to be somewhere. I learned how to use my Instant Pot and am building a library of recipes. I have taken down the tempo and I am enjoying the simplicity of just being with my family. If any silver lining emerges from this period of time we are living through it will be the value we learn from being forced to slow down and just be.

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